Code of Conduct

Shaders or content that exhibit any of the following will not be tolerated:

  • Sexually explicit content
  • Content that is racist, bigoted or defamatory towards any race, sexuality, gender, or religion
  • Content used to support a political or religious group or agenda
  • Content used to libel any party

"Content" includes but is not limited to the visual output of a shader, the source code of a shader, the comments of a shader, as well as any public information on a user's account such as username, as well as any comments, textures, or other content provided by a user to the website.

Any content found or reported as violating any of these guidelines will be swiftly reviewed and addressed. It is up to the discretion of the site owner ( to determine which content violates these guidelines. All complaints will be taken seriously and handled confidentially.

Response to violation of these rules may include but is not limited to modification or deletion of the shader by the site owner, deletion or suspension of a user's account, or banning of site access by IP or other means.


You may submit reports of violations of this Code of Conduct, or any material that you believe violates the spirit of an inclusive community, to Please include a link to the offending material, or clear instructions for how to access it. All reports will be handled confidentially and none of your personally identifiable information will be made known to the offender nor the public.

Last Edited on 2015-04-04